How much is a business worth?
The book written by Yiannis Empeoglou titled “How much is a business worth” has just been published. The book is in Greek.

Yiannis presents in plain Greek and in a manner accessible and understandable to everyone a complete and scientific response to one of the most difficult questions in the world of small and mid-sized businesses.

The book is primarily addressed to small and mid-sized business owners, but it will certainly be beneficial to owners of larger businesses. It is also addressed to the professional advisors – lawyers, accountants – that will most definitely be involved in the transfer of a business.

Yiannis has used his unique ability to present difficult subjects in simple terms and his wealth of experience valuing business, both in the world of large listed corporations and the world of family owned shops.

The book is full of everyday examples from which the reader can understand the essence and the philosophy behind putting a value to a business. It also sites numerous and extremely useful sources with real data from small business transactions.

The goal of the book is to enable the reader, upon completion, to be able to deduct a reasonable range for the business he is interested in.

More information on the author and the book can be found on http://yiannisempeoglou.wordpress.com. (Again, available in Greek only). You can order the book through www.lulu.com or through our company. Please use our contact module or call us at 210 8764832. Within the next month it will be available through Amazon.